Monday, March 12, 2007

Will Write for Friendship

I went to a kidlit conference over the weekend and it was good to reconnect with some writer pals that I only see there (hi Linda Joy and Cassandra). I was thinking about the first one I went to, which was only two years ago, but it feels like a lifetime. Things are different now; I don't feel the overwheming urge to try and get some face time with whatever agent or editor is there, I've heard most of it before (although there is always a new thought-nugget to come away with) but the biggest difference is that a lot of the time when someone is speaking, I'm fantasizing what I'm going to talk about when it's my turn up there. I'll probably throw up from fear, the Powerpoint will mess up and the microphone will keep coming unplugged ;) but I still think about what it would be like to be on that side of it. Someday, when I have something interesting to say.

More than ever I want to find a local writers group to hang out with. I don't necessarily want to critique, just kibbitz. My other writer buddies live too far away to get together regularly, and online avenues aren't really working out, so I'm thinking about sitting outside my local bookstore with a little cardboard sign and a cup for people to put their phone numbers into. If you should happen to see me, be kind.

On this date: In 1933, FDR gave the first fireside chat.

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