Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Olden Days

Even though T is seven (newly minted) now and can read on his own, sometimes he likes to drag out a book from when he was little. One of these books is a lift-the-flap book called The Plane Book by Angela Royston. We were reading the other night and got into an interesting conversation.

Me: Look at those people climbing the stairs into the airplane. That's how we used to board planes in the olden days.
T: You didn't go through the tunnel?
Me: Nope, just out on the tarmac with all of the other planes, even in the rain.
T: That would have been so cool! I wish I could walk out there. What's that in this picture?
Me: That's a picture of an airline meal. Back in the olden days, you would get hot food on airplanes.
T: You didn't have to bring your own food?
Me: No. They'd actually bring it to you in your seat. It wasn't always good, but at least you weren't hungry. Look at this picture of the kid in the cockpit.
T: Wow! They really let you do that? You could go and see where they drove the plane?
Me: Yup. I remember doing that a couple of times.
T: Things were sure cool back in the olden days.

Curious, I checked the copyright to see when this "olden days" plane book was published. 1993. The olden days ain't what they used to be.

On this date: In 1926, the first Book of the Month selection was published.

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Linda D. said...

Hey! Here's some good news for your son...

For the smaller planes (for example the ones that jump from Vancouver to Vancouver Island), they still get you to walk in the rain to the plane. I did that just a couple of months ago. :D

I DO miss the food though. Sheesh.