Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Digital Denial

I just spoke to the last woman in America without a cell phone.

I was the second-to-last woman in American without a cell phone until my DH tricked me last fall. He had to get a new one that worked overseas, and came home with two. It was two for one honey, what was I supposed to do? So now, I have a cell phone that is usually sitting on my dresser, and if I do have it on me the batteries are dead. People who know me, know that, so it usually works out. They also know that I never, ever answer call waiting (I hate putting people on ignore) and not to bother sending me chain emails because I'll always opt for the bad luck. I don't GPS, but I do mapquest. I don't text message, but I live on email. I got my laptop for my birthday and it is my most favorite inanimate object in the whole world. But I'll never get a Blackberry.

It's not that I'm a Luddite or anything - I love technology, but I love to pick and choose which technology I become a slave to. I'm just not that important. Don't get me started on people who have those little cell phones hanging off their ears.

Online shopping? Check. Tivo? Check. Blog? Check. Email? Check, check. If you call my cell, be prepared to leave a message. One other thing; the last woman in America without a cell phone? She sounded quite relaxed.

On this date: In 1879, Albert Einstein was born.

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Linda D. said...

I was sooo reluctant to get a cell phone. I hated the idea of people being able to reach me whenever they wanted. I wanted that to be on my terms, not theirs. But now that I have one, I'll admit I've gotten used to it. I like it for emergencies and for checking up on my kids when they're home alone.

I refuse to get call waiting. We've had it removed from our service - one of the rudest inventions in history (hehe, well aside from the cell phone).