Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Dog and His Guy

When Big Hairy Dog was a baby, we bought him expensive dog-toys from the pet store. Now we're smarter and buy him his "guys" from the thrift store for 50 cents a pop. My mom is a teddy-bear collector from way back and can't be in the same room when I give BHD a new guy - she's even stolen a few from his stash before he could get to them.

The latest guy was missing a few limbs (and a nose), plus BHD left him out in the sprinklers so he was soggy:

Time for a new guy. Now, sometimes BHD will get a guy and just carry him around and love on him for a week or so before tearing him apart. Other times, like today, he grabs the guy and goes to town. The new guy was eviscerated within a minute and a half:

Not sure if this means he loves this particular guy, or hates this particular guy. I think it might be the former, because right after I took this photo, BHD grabbed the guy and dared me to take him back:

Never get between a dog and his guy.

On this date: In 44BC, the Ides of March; Julius Caesar is murdered.

PS: TK2.0 is doing great!

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debi said...

BHD must be a distant cousin of a dog we had -- Sherman.

Sherman loved bunny slippers (he liked being able to stick his nose into the part where feet were supposed to go).

As long as Sherman had a bunny slipper, our house was safe. But if he lost his bunny, or if he bunny got too "worn out," watch out -- nothing was safe from being chewed!