Monday, March 19, 2007

Poem #1

J's 4th grade teacher stopped me on Friday to give me some poems that she said had touched her and she wanted me to read. I'm not a poetry person. Except for Shel Silverstein (who is a God) and the odd bit from Auden, I don't have the patience. None of them had titles, but I wanted to post one here:

Anger breaks the morning silence
When war destroys the peaceful city.
Snow falls like cotton on the bloody red floor.
Newspapers hold the knowledge of the battle.
Memories clog your head with sadness.

My son wrote this. He's 9.

Agent E sent me another don't-think-it's-for-me letter (I'm not going to say the R word) this morning. I think we're close, but no cigars yet. We've been sending revision ideas back and forth via email (did I mention that she is the best agent?) and it's gotten me excited to take another crack at the manuscript. I also had a great idea for my YA that I've been a little stuck on while I was walking the dog so, while not a stellar good-news morning, not altogether a loser.
On this date: In 2003, the war in Iraq began.


Linda D. said...

Okay, I'm impressed. That's amazing!

:) Linda

cynjay said...

Thanks. I was a little concerned that we might need to book a therapist, but J insists that it was just part of an assignment.