Sunday, March 4, 2007

Love This Book!

Zen Shorts by Jon J. Muth. T brought this home last week and we've read it every night since. I'm not going to review books very often - I'll leave that to other experts like Big A little a and The Edge of the Forest but when a great book comes across my lap, I have to share.

Okay, I realize I'm not alone in the liking of this book, because it won a Caldecott Honor, but maybe that just shows that they have good taste too. The watercolor drawings of the main text, mixed with the black and white illustration of the embedded zen stories really work. I personally fell in love with Stillwater the panda bear, who speaks with a slight panda-accent. The best part is that T loves this even more than I do. He likes to talk about the issues raised in the tales (if you've read other posts, you know that he is a bit of a "big thinker"). While I was writing this, he came in to snatch the book back from me so that his dad could read it with him for bedtime. That is the best endorsement of all. The book has to go back to the school library on Friday - I have a feeling we'll be buying our own copy before then.

On this date: In 2005, Martha Stewart is released from prison.

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