Monday, March 26, 2007

Welcome Home

So, sometimes you think that it has been a pretty boring day, maybe just a long drive home and there will be nothing to blog about. Not to worry, life has a way of throwing something in your path that is blog-worthy. Kinda like this:

That would be Mickey's cousin Mortimer Rat who made an appearance under my kitchen table this afternoon. Apparently one of the cats wanted to give me a welcome-home present. Unfortunately, it was still very much alive. Not to panic, I put on my gloves, got a box and wrangled the little sucker into it. (Don't ask the kids about standing on the chair with the gloves and the box yelling "Where is your father?!?") This photo was taken moments before Mortimer was flung into the far reaches of the backyard. When DH got home, all he wanted to know was why I didn't fling him over the fence into the neighbor's yard.

Ah yes, welcome home to me.

On this date: In 1920, F. Scott Fitzgerald's first novel, This Side of Paradise is published.


DH said...

You should have tossed it over the fence.

cynjay said...

Next time YOU catch the rat and you can toss it wherever you want.