Tuesday, February 27, 2007

(Wo)Man's Best Friend

I'm sitting here trying to write and the Big Hairy Dog is begging me for some of his favorite food. What's that you say? Is it bacon? Roast leg of lamb? Pig's ears? Noooooo. BHD's favorite people food is:

Edamame. That's right, soybeans. He shells them, eats the beans and spit the shells out all over the floor for someone (me) to pick up. Sigh. Even the dog is wierd.

I've been emailing Agent E all morning about a cool new project I want to do. She actually thinks its a good idea too, so I'm going to start working on it soon. It's very different from the MG that's out (it's still out at one pub, and she has a great idea about another house if this doesn't work out - gotta love the energy) and the YA that is in progress so I think I can work on it at the same time. I'll let ya'll know what it is when the "hush hush" period is over.

I've decided that I need a friend. Not just a regular friend, I have those, but a writing friend that I can meet with over coffee, sit at our laptops and write silently but together and commiserate and celebrate with about our writing doings. I've been reading Maureen Johnson's blog www.maureenjohnson.blogspot.com and get all jealous hearing about how she and John Green and E. Lockhart all hang around a coffee shop writing and kvetching together. It's all so young, literary and cool (although, according to J yesterday, when a mom thinks that something is cool, you'd better watch out). Okay, so I'm not all that young, I'm sort of literary(ish) and I was cool. Once.

Anyone? Anyone?

On this date: In 2003, Mr. Rogers died.


Chris Barton said...

Mornings spent e-mailing Agent E are the best, aren't they?

Good luck with the hush-hush new project!

Natalie said...

I agree with Chris--although emailing E. any time of the day is the best. ;-)

I would LOVE to meet with you over coffee and laptops, but traveling San Fran and Italy would be a bit of a commute. Drat.

Anonymous said...

Awww, gosh, catching up on blogs and found this love fest. You guys are the best!