Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Best Face Forward

Don't tell Agent Erin, but between ski trips, PTA worries, new braces and T's new love of gymnastics, the only words I've written in the past week have been on the blog. So much for my 5k per week goal. Tomorrow is another day, and I'm going to tuck in, not hit the message boards, not take a look at everyone else's blog, not watch Brotherhood 2.o (okay, I am going to watch Brotherhood, but not until after the kids get home - besides they love it and do an amazing imitation of John Green waxing his chin) and write at least 2,000 words before the sun goes down. I will get this first draft done by June. I have a great idea for the next mid-grade novel, but I've told myself I can't even start research until I've got the Triplets finished.

The only other thing I have to do tomorrow is take the dreaded author photo. Seems so simple; go out with a camera and take a couple of snapshots. Not so. This one photo will tell the world about you and will be around FOREVER. You have to wait until just the right moment when you don't look too tired, hair stripes aren't root-bound, no visible blemishes and your one cute shirt is clean. One thing I've noticed is that most good author photos aren't very smiley. I guess that's because we're very serious people toiling away at very serious work. We'll have to see if I'm feeling smiley or not. I think that Clarion wants to put a photo on the book jacket which makes me cringe, but I can see the point. Helps explain that the writer with the very Nigerian last name is in fact a 6 ft tall white girl from California.

On this date: In 1929, Penicillin was discovered. Yay mold!

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Natalie said...

I'm so used to your Pat Benatar photo from Verla's...good luck with the photo. Can you post it? I'd love to see it!

:-) Natalie

P.S. I won't tell Erin about your blogging if you don't tell her I was here...(slinking off to do some writing now...)