Friday, February 23, 2007

Eau de Caulibutter

So, the whole house now smells of cauliflower (see Weds. post). Seriously like cauliflower. I had to cook it because it is DH's favorite veg and he is out of town until tomorrow (apparently it is cold in Amsterdam this time of year...hehehe - except he just told me on the phone that he might get to go to Hawaii in March. Ba**rd.) and I didn't want it to go off. I tried to get the cauliflower smell out of the house by opening both the front and back doors, but it is cold here and that didn't last long. I came up with the idea of making peanut butter cookies to cover the cauliflower smell so now I have two dozen pb cookies that I have to eat by tomorrow because DH is coming home as I said, and while he loves cauliflower, he hates anything having to do with peanut butter. Comes from being raised in Britain where they have an aversion to anything made with peanut butter. The house now smells like cauliflower with a peanut butter chaser. Yum.

We just had an earthquake. Living in N. Ca will do that to you. Not a biggie - 3ish - but big enough to wiggle my chair around. The kids were bummed because they were outside messing around and didn't feel it.

On this date: In 1978, Fleetwood Mac won the Grammy for Rumors.

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