Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Metal Mouth

So, J got braces today. Not to downplay it or anything, but there were only six teeny tiny little brackets glued onto his front teeth held together by a little wire. Nothing like the HUGE metal bands, elastic and wires that were secured on every tooth in my mouth at the age of seven (but I'm glad about it now, thanks Dad). Still, a milestone day for him - Advil all around. The only thing is that my 9 year-old now looks about 13 which is not what I bargained for.

In other news: Publisher's Lunch has announced that Cynthia Lord just sold not one, but two new novels to Scholastic as well as a picture book. After winning the Newbery Honor for Rules (the best MG I read all year - if you haven't read it, you should go get a copy. Are you still here? Go!) this is definitely her year.

Still waiting to hear about my MG that is still out at three houses. This week for sure. Or maybe next. For sure.

On this date: In 1920 the League of Nations recognized perpetual Swiss neutrality. (It was an incredibly slow day)

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