Monday, February 5, 2007

Manic Monday

Ah Monday. I've come to like Mondays because they signal the return of normalcy: the mail comes, my email inbox dings every now and then and I might, just might get a "good news" phone call from Agent Erin. I think that the other editors who have my MS will get back to us this week, so it will either be the best week ever, or I'm going to retreat to my bed for awhile.

J is home sick today, which I'm saying is the reason that I'm not getting anything done. He's lying on the couch watching TV and keeps asking me to come and sit with him (which I do - did you know an Austrialian girl won the snowboard half-pipe gold medal at the Winter X Games?). DH came home sick on Friday and the best I could do was toss him bottles of water from the doorway and sleep in the office until he was better. It sounds cruel, but I've managed to avoid the cooties so far.

The real reason that I haven't written a word today is that I find it hard to concentrate on the brink of uncertainty. The whole "put it out of your mind and work on something else" business is a crock. Ring phone, ring.

On this date: In 1952, the first "Don't Walk" sign is installed in New York City.

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