Monday, February 12, 2007

Where I Went on My Monday Off

This is the fabulous view from our fabulous friends fabulous condo in the Sierras. (Thanks R-Ps, it was fabulous!) We got invited on a last minute getaway for some skiing (me) and snowboarding (everyone else in the known universe) and it was great. Not to worry, shortly after this picture was taken this morning it started pouring snow (does it pour snow?).

This is what I love about Northern Ca. Yes, the cost of living is outrageous (thank God we bought our fixer when we were young and naive), yes there are lots and lots of other people here who think it is cool too, yes gas costs about 45 cents more per gallon here - but in just three short hours I can drive from my house to the snow. The best part, is we get to leave and come home where there is no snow that you have to shovel out of the driveway every day ( I don't know how you people do it).

No big exciting messages from Agent Erin when we got home, but I did get word that she is jazzed about a picture book I sent her and is sending that around next week. Fingers crossed for a quick sale on that one too!

On this date: In 1809, Abraham Lincoln is born.

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