Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Zitty MS

I spent the entire day at an indoor pool with the 5 kids who were with me and the 1,500 kids who weren't. I'm not sure what the decibel level was in there, but it was equal to locking a Boeing 747 in a very large echoey chamber and gunning the engines for 3 hours straight. Only now can I hear myself think, but at least the kids had fun.

I'm tired because I was up vvveerrrryyy late last night revising Armadillo. I hate to admit it, but it needs revising. It's funny how the thing that you think is so perfect at one point, turns out to be not so perfect when you look at it later. It's like when you give birth to this most perfect of babies, all smelling good, tiny wisps of hair on their wonderful little heads. Then the baby hormones kick in and about week two they get a face full of zits that could rival the worst pizza-eating, emo-listening sixteen year old. Of course, under the baby acne, they are still the perfect beings that you remember, you just have to go through a week or two of not-so-pretty to get there. I'm definitely at the baby-zit stage with this MS. I can still see the pretty, but it's going to take a little doing to get there.

On this date: In 1970, Apollo 13 was launched to the moon.

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