Friday, April 27, 2007

Appliance Love

Is it wrong to love a small appliance the way I love my Dustbuster? Sadly, my old one broke the other day, and I made it almost 36 hours before I had to rush out and buy a new one. I use this little darlin' about 10 times a day and I'm not OCD - I'll leave that to other beloved members of my family. It's just that with one big hairy dog, two smallish hairy boys, more cats than I want to admit to and an old house this is not a luxury; it is a necessity. Sniff. I'm so glad I have a new one.

On this date: In 4977 BC, the universe is created, according to Keppler.

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debi in holland said...

I love my dustbuster, too!

Long ago, I was moving into a new apartment, and the first thing I did was find a place to hand the dustbuster so that it was constantly charging. When my friends came with the truck, one guy was thoroughly impressed that the "landlord" would provide one.

Yeah, right.

It must be a woman thing!