Sunday, April 22, 2007

IGYSNN Syndrome

Warning - Rant Ahead:

I'm concerned about the syndrome that I've seen increasing in frequency lately - okay, twice in the past week, but still. Why, when you are waiting for someone to back out of a space in a full parking lot they go into s...l...o...w........m...o...t...i...o...n? Let's call it the I've-got-your-space-neener-neener syndrome (IGYSNN for short).

Last week, my BFF and I were in a crowded beach parking lot - not one space. We spy a guy and his kid walking toward their SUV and ask if they are leaving. Yes, comes the reply...on goes our blinker and we sit. We sit blinking while he shakes out all of the towels. We blink while he wipes the sand out of every orifice of his kid. Then, he takes his kid's shoes and starts banging them on the bumper to get the sand out. We blink while he tries to swat the sand out of the back of his car. FINALLY, this OCD poster-boy starts to get into the car. We blink, and sigh - at last. Wait, wait...he gets out of the car and sits on the back bumper, takes off each of his shoes and wipes every last grain of sand off his feet. By this time, my BFF was about to ram her car into his kneecaps, and I have to say I would have cheered her on. After 13 minutes (not kidding, 13 minutes), he waves as he drives off. Textbook case of IGYSNN.

Today, the locale was a crowded supermarket lot. Found a couple loading the car with groceries, waved to them, pulled to the side and started blinking. They load the car, and instead of leaving the cart tipped up into the planter box like normal people, their case of IGYSNN demands that they actually walk the cart all the way across the vast parking lot and leave it lovingly in the rack in front of the store. Then they laugh and gesture on the long walk back to the car. I hope their ice cream melted.

On this date: In 1970, the first Earth Day.


Natalie said...

I feel your IGYSNN pain, Cyn. Once we were in the exact same situation in a restaurant parking spaces, found someone who said they were leaving, blinker on, etc. The family all piled into the car, turned on the engine, then turned it off. Then the mother gets out and spreads a towel on the trunk of the car, and proceeds to change her baby's diaper. We may have even had your 13 minutes beat, if I remember correctly!

debi said...

It doesn't get any better in Europe, either! When we first arrived here (back in 2001), we went to an IKEA (you know, cheap furniture in large quantities). The lot was packed, and people were walking everywhere. Everytime we saw a spot, someone would beat us to it.

Finally, we managed to be in the right place at the right time and sat waiting for the people to back out of the spot. Coincidentally, the car right in front of them was also backing out, too, and there was a car waiting to pull into that spot. The other car left first, so the other waiting car pulled into the spot. When our car was backing out, though, the other waiting car pulled into our space!

We were so mad we started yelling at the other car (with our windows rolled up and everything, so they didn't hear what we were saying ;-) ). I think we scared them, because they shut the doors that they were starting to get out of and drove away.

We got the spot.

(No wonder American's have such a bad reputation!)

Linda D. said...

Sorry. You lost me at "beach" parking lot.

*grumble grumble

cynjay said...

Okay Linda, I hear you. In my defense, it was a Northern CA beach - windy, blustery and cold. Pretty, but still - we weren't laying on our towels in our tankinis. Better?

Linda D. said...

Okay. I guess that makes it okay.