Friday, April 13, 2007

What I Did on My Spring Break

नोव ई कैन टाईप इन हिंदी
That is so cool - now you can blog in Hindi. Unfortunately, I know absolutely no Hindi, so this amazing new tool is lost on me. Almost makes you want to learn though, doesn't it?

This was my view at 8am today from my BFF Karen's hot tub:

Very NoCal, yes? Then we stopped here, to get some warm sourdough bread from this funky little bakery across the street:

The cows really are happier in California. Then we went here:

and the kids pretended it was snow and tried to sled down the dunes. And that, ladies and gentlemen, ends Spring Break 2007. Now back to our regularly scheduled lives.

Oh, did I mention that my DH spent the whole week out of town working? Yes it is sad. Wait, did I tell you it was in Hawaii? Not so sad.

On this date: In 1964, Sydney Poitier became the first African American to win an Oscar.

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