Monday, April 2, 2007

Tapping Into the Male Side

This is pretty much what life is like around her on a regular basis:

Lots of jumping, running, screaming and general chaos. Surprisingly little damage on most days, both to the house and the boys who live in it. I only have sisters, so the whole boy thing is a mystery to me, but they are definitely a different animal. I'm often reminded of a six-year old's birthday party we attended a few years ago. This particular party was held in Berkeley, which for those of you who know Berkeley - 'nuf said. For those of you who don't...well, you just have to see it. Anyway, we were at this party with about 10 six-year old boys. Being Berkeley, there was a strict no-weapons rule in the house - no waterguns, toy guns or cap guns. Everything was cool until all of the boys started screaming through the house shooting each other with the guns they had all made out of the very PC Legos that had been provided. Basically, you mostly have to go with it.

No blog tomorrow as I will be chaperoning my son's 4th grade class on their outdoor education overnight trip. We are going to stay in a real adobe and are going to try to live as much in the period as possible. No cell phones, electronics, flashlights and definitely no blogs. Also, no heat - so I'm sure I'm going to freeze to death. Should be fun!

On this date: In 1902, the first movie theater opened in LA.

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