Friday, April 20, 2007

Morning Schedule

Since I just finished my revisions for Armadillo (and am now having serious doubts about the there enough going on? Does it conclude the right way? Ack!) it is going to take a couple of days to get the wiggles out and settle back down to my YA in progress. To demonstrate, I started keeping a log this morning:
8:30 Check email. No good news from Agent E (although for really good news, she calls).
8:32 Get youngest son into shower.
8:40-8:50 Attempt to get knots out of youngest son's hair (see post of Feb. 28)
8:53 Check email again.
8:54 Check some of my favorite blogs.
9:15 Kiss youngest son goodbye.
9: 16 Settle down to laptop. Open up MS.
9:17 Realize I haven't taken a shower yet.
9:18 Shower.
9:32 Sit down with laptop. Check email again. Peek at Ms. Snark.
9:40 Did I make the bed yet?
9:41-10:15 Various household chores. Start first load of laundry.
10:16 Sit down with laptop. Realize I'm way behind with Brotherhood 2.o. Go to blog.
10:25 Check email. Stare at MS. Try to get TK2.o to stop walking on laptop.
10:26 Dang. I was supposed to clean the PTA closet at school today.
10:29 Walk up to school.
11:30 Back with laptop. Answer email. Not from Agent E. Check other blogs.
11:42 Write PTA Newsletter.
12:oo Break for lunch and What Not To Wear.

So anyway, you get the idea. This usually happens when I've finished something big, but it's still frustrating. Hopefully by Monday I'll be back to normal.

The good news is that tonight is take-out and movie night. DH is getting Vietnamese from our favorite place in Oakland. I got Harold and Maude, but I don't think I can get him to watch it so we've got Man of the Year as backup. How much do I love Netflix?

Have a great weekend!

On this date: In 1999, the Columbine HS Massacre.
Peace to VA.


Linda D. said...

Wait. Have you been following me? Your day sounds eerily like my day.

Disco Mermaids said...

Dude, Harold and Maude...nothing better.


cynjay said...

How much do I love Harold and Maude? I actually put a reference to it in my YA WIP. Hopefully someone will get curious enough to go out and see it.

When you want to sing out, sing out...if you want to be free, be free...

Disco Mermaids said...

Holy crap, that's so weird! I have my main character in my YA refer to the movie as well! Weird! I totally feel if it's a way for teens to get into it, it's worth it!

I found this thing online once about a high school teacher who used the movie as part of his curriculum.


cynjay said...

Are you kidding me??? MY MC actually goes to see it at film club - it's a fairly big reference. Dang. Now there's going to be a run on Harold and Maude on Netflix.

cynjay said...

Please tell me that you never refer to This Is Spinal Tap. Please?