Monday, October 29, 2007

What Left Brain?

I've started researching my next YA project and it is taking up a large part of my brain. I can't stand not actively working on something, so even though the other YA is out for critique I had to jump right in. The main character is the daughter of someone with a very specific, but disturbing mental disorder and I've spent the entire day on websites devoted to this disorder, immersing myself with both the patients perspective and that of the children of patients. I found a great site that had 200 comments from children of people with this disorder and it was amazing to get this insight. Fascinating, but I know that I'm going to be dreaming of this for the next several weeks.

The funny thing is, this isn't really the project that my left-brain wants to do. My left-brain would love to come up with a super-commercial, easily accessed piece that would be a quick sale. My right-brain says no. My right-brain is busy channelling all sorts of information on this quirky family, from names to the bits and pieces that make up this disorder. I was in the tub last night, when it suddenly hit me that the MC (who doesn't have a name as yet) actually renamed herself in middle school so that she could distance herself from this family. I have no idea what her given name is, or the name that she chose for herself, but I do have this one piece of information. I guess I can only be trusted with small pieces at one time.

On another topic - I have to brag about my wonderful agent Erin Murphy. She was just named the 2nd highest selling kidlit agent on Publisher's Weekly's new Top Dealmakers feature. We're so proud of her! Finally, I'm in with the cool crowd. Now if she'd only get that website we've all been talking about.....

On this date: In 1929 the stock market crashed.

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Natalie said...

Woo hoo to Erin! :-)

And good luck with your new YA, Cynthia...I hope your MC spills the beans in the near future!