Friday, October 26, 2007

It Takes a Village

It has been said that you can't write in a vacuum - well you can, but it's crowded. I like to think that you can't revise in a vacuum.

As I've been tweaking, pummeling and deleting, I've had to call on my army of technical advisers. There's my friend's bomb-squad police hubby for the jail scenes, my eighth grade reader for correct use and overuse of slang, and above all, my fabbo 20 year old sister who has the knowledge - or will get it- of everything currently college. Thinking of using U2 in concert in the book? Uh, no. Apparently Incubus is the band of choice. Big floor parties in the dorms? Not done anymore. Who knew? She's getting back to me on the correct frat house to use for one particular scene.

Now, it's off to my readers. Yay!

On this date: In 1881, the Shootout at the OK Corral.

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