Monday, October 15, 2007

Bear Territory

In a few short moments, our whole weekend went from one lonely little soccer game to crazy busy. One of the Dads on Friday's fieldtrip leaned over and asked me if I wanted his six tickets to the Cal football game on Saturday as they couldn't go. Um, yeah. So in short order we were surrounded by 63,000 screaming football fans. The energy was amazing and it was so cool to have that psuedo-college experience again. I went to a UC, but it didn't end in "B", and we had a tiny little football team. I took lots of mental notes for the new WIP. One of the characters in the new book is a football player, so now I've figured out a great place to put a football game - right at the end, and it's going to be cool.

They didn't win (at the very last minute), but it was amazing. The only trouble is that the kids are now bugging me to play football. No way. Go Bears!

On this date: In 1951, I Love Lucy debuted.

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