Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday Writing Wisdom

Today's lesson: Find and replace.

This magic feature on MS Word can be a godsend when you can't decide what a character's name is. You can just go through the whole MS and make the name change 217 times with a press of the button.

Word of caution: You must go back and read the entire MS after using this cool tool. It will replace anywhere that it sees this letter combination, not just in the character's name. Say that you wanted to change a character's name from, oh, I don't know, Ana to Amanda. It will do this for you. It will also come up with fabulous new word combinations such as - mAmandage, marajuAmanda, and my favorite, explAmandation.

On this date: In 1901, the first barrel ride over Niagra Falls

1 comment:

Linda D. (sbk) said...

I have to say, explAmandation is my favourite too.


I've changed a few names in the last couple of weeks and I'm not really looking forward to plowing through the whole ms to find the mAmandage's.