Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weekend Musings Part Deux

I had said that my weekend suddenly turned busy, but I didn't mention Sunday. On the same fateful fieldtrip, another friend invited me on a day-long limo tour of Napa that she'd bid on at our school auction earlier this year, so Sunday morning found me climbing into a limo (my first ever, after all these years - I got married under a tree in a state park, no limos) with five other gals for a really fun day.

So we were sitting on the deck at the Mumm's Champagne Tasting Room on a gorgeous day talking about girl stuff (if you don't know what that is, I'm not the one to enlighten you), and the talk turned to husbands (as it tends to). One of the gals told a story about her husband's family that had me sitting there with my mouth open, and not just because it was a good story. Then, another friend said that the same thing had happened in her family, and then another friend said it had happened in hers too. The amazing thing was that it was the very subject that I'd been struggling with in my MG. I'd been thinking of changing a major plot-point in case it wasn't realistic enough - and then out of nowhere, three out of the six of us had had that very thing happen in their families.

The universe says keep it the way it is.

On this date: In 1976, Disco Duck topped the charts.


Katia said...

Ah, a "serendipity moment." Don't you just love it when they jump at you like that? Leaves you all shivery, doesn't it?
I enjoy your blog and you very lively voice, CynJay.

cynjay said...

Thanks Katia! What a nice thing to say - I hope you come around often.