Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lima Gets the Thumbs Up

DH got home from Peru today, and had nothing but raves about Lima. One of the guys took him around the city a couple of times and he really thought it was great. He has to go back in December, and he said that it's one place he won't mind spending more time in. Apparently, they eat a lot of meat in Lima, which to DH is the sign of a good city.

He had the same reaction when he went to Prague. And of course, he grew up in England, so London is always on the list. There are several other cities that have not elicited a favorable reaction, but I won't name them for fear of offending anyone living in those cities.;)

I mention this because, in his line of work it is entirely possible that we could up and move somewhere for awhile so that he can work on a project. It would require mammoth adjustments (Big Hairy Dog being a main one), but I just might be convinced, depending on where it is. Heck knows, in my line of work, I can live anywhere.

So now, Lima is on the list.

On this date: In 1951 Sting (Gordon Sumner) was born.


debi in holland said...

Ahh, yess, that "Oh, Honey, let's move to . . . "

Definitely an eye opener!

Debi (writing from the Netherlands, but having grown up in Detroit)

cynjay said...

I lived in Scotland for awhile, but that was before kids, cats, dogs, etc. Much more involved now.

debi in holland said...

Yes, I understand all of that! We have 3 kids and a cat (just one, though, and she's a new addition).

Still, with schools, toys, grades, etc. moving with children is not to be undertaken by the weak!

Scotland would be cool, though . . . I could go there . . . Um, Honey! What do you think of Scotland?

Anonymous said...

You better not be going antywhere past an hour or two away! your BFF

Natalie said...

Moving overseas with kids is stressful, difficult and logistically tricky. Living overseas with kids is fascinating, challenging, and an absolute joy.

Your kids will end up teaching you how to adapt--making friends, learning the language, going with the flow. They're much better with that sort of stuff than we adults are. :-) Go for it.