Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Potpourri

Being as I pay most bills online I don't go through many stamps. I did have to go and buy some today and I got the coolest Superheroes stamps:

It was so hard to choose which ones to stick on the letters. Choices are difficult sometimes.

On another note, there is a new movie out called Dedication that I'm sure I would hate. It is about a picture book writer who (of course) is having trouble meeting his Christmas deadline for his new book. He and his illustrator take the first half of the movie trying to come up with ideas and illustrations. When the illustrator dies, the publisher loans the writer and the new illustrator (Mandy Moore) his posh Sag Harbor digs so that they can collaborate - she gets a fat bonus if they meet the deadline. I'm so sure.

First off, most of the time, you never meet your illustrator, much less collaborate together on the next book. Second off, these people seem to have lots of money, which only lends credibility to the rumor that if you write one picture book, you're rich. Hang butler has a question. No, not the blue Rolls. The silver one for tonight's outing. Thank you Jeeves. Anyway...being as each party usually gets a few thousand dollars advance for a book, I can only imagine what her fat bonus will be.

One of my favorite movies was Elf, but they do the same thing. Picture book writers = big money, learjets, and a house in the Hamptons. On the other hand, Stranger Than Fiction was quite enjoyable and not very annoying. Now I know why my mom, an emergency room nurse, could never watch Emergency with us on TV. Squad 51, squad 51...see the man on the corner of....

On this date: In 1866, H.G. Wells was born.

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