Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dates and Fish

I had a writer date with HM, a buddy I met at a conference last spring. It was so fun! It's like hanging out with someone who finally speaks your language. We talked about books, editors, agents and writers for over two hours. We live about twenty miles apart, so we've decided to meet in the middle a couple of times a month just to chat. Happy.

On another subject, Milhouse and Santa's Little Helper are finally eating the little green turtle pellets we bought them. We were a little worried because they didn't seem to be eating much, but I guess they just needed time to adjust. As an enticement, we went to the pet store yesterday and got half a dozen tiny guppies for them to nosh on. Unfortunately (or, fortunately if you're a guppy) they aren't interested, so now we have six guppies and two turtles in the big tank. I only have one question - do you feed the food?

On this date: In 1522, Magellan's expedition circumnavigates the globe.

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