Thursday, September 13, 2007

Becoming the Man

I've done it. I've crossed over to the dark side. At least on Thursdays from 11:30-12:45. That's right, I've become...the Yard Duty.

Well, kind of. Our elementary school has over 500 kids and needed some volunteers to hang out on the yard at lunchtime, so I said I'd do it.

The only problem is that I remember what it's like to be in second grade and hang out on top of the monkey bars and how important that game of chase was to the social structure of the playground. So, I'm not too quick with the whistle. I feel like I'm there to prevent large-scale issues, not hassle kids about the little things.

I have adhered to the rules put down by my fifth grader. No hanging around the field when he is playing football. No eye contact. No waving or otherwise acknowledging that we are at all familiar to each other. The cool part was that half a dozen of his friends came over to give me a hug. And my second grader thought it was cool I was there.

I guess I'm more like yard duty lite. My neon orange vest comes next week. Whoopee!

On this date: In 1916, author Roald Dahl is born.

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Linda D. (sbk) said...

Wow, you're brave.

Our school has over 700 students. When the kids are out and about, I steer clear!