Thursday, August 9, 2007

The What? Award

Just got back from Parent's Night at daycamp. For the finale (after two hours of skits!) they give out camp awards. Now, T got the camp award as Most Athletic. Yup. Could have seen that one coming a mile away, as he never actually walks anywhere, prefering to run, jump and leap his way everywhere.

But J got the award for...Mellowest Camper. The kid who just rolls with the punches and is never phased by anything. Huh? Is this the same boy who has separated the moulding from his door frame because he slams it in a fit of rage when he's angry? Who just the other day got busted for breaking his brother's plastic sword over his knee because he was mad? I don't get it.

His kindergarten teacher once told me that he probably uses up his "good" at school, and is freed up to be irritating once he comes home. "Where would you rather he be good?" she asked. I suppose. But I wouldn't mind a little good here.

On this date: In 1969, the Manson cult kills five people.

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