Monday, August 27, 2007

Setting the Date

November 9th.

There, I said it. November 9th is going to be the date that I get my YA to Agent E. She has a reading week, usually the second week of the month, so that should be time enough to get it to her for November. Being as I'm only 19 pages into the first person rewrite and only 2/3 through altogether, I'd better get cracking.

The crit group (we don't have a cute name yet, do we?) has seen the first chapter rewritten in first person and given it a thumbs up. I have to say I like it myself. It is less like watching Lexi do things, and more like being Lexi doing things. We'll see in November.

I'd better go write stuff now.

On this date: In 1883, the volcano on Krakatoa erupted.


Natalie said...

We're in the same place, Cyn...I'm 2/3 through my YA, as well, and would love to have it to Agent E. by November 9. So that's it, then. If you're going for it, so will I! :-)

(And it is true that I love the new, first-person Lexie--can't wait for the next installment!

cynjay said...

Okay - it's set. We're going to inundate Agent E the first week in November.

Lexi is only as good as my crit group ;)