Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Get Out of Jail...Free?

Ack! I can't seem to get Lexi out of jail. I thought I had a plan to get my MC out, but everything I try isn't working. I'll write a paragraph or two, realize that it's junk and erase the whole thing. So right now, she's sitting in a cold white room with a two-way mirror and no way to get her sprung. See, it's a case of mistaken identity (and identical twins) - she's not a bad girl. I've got a call into a friend's husband who just happens to be on the bomb squad. I've given him a couple of scenarios and hopefully he can point me in the right direction according to police procedure. Fingerprints? Felonies? Free on bail? I sure hope I can get her out and move on because it's driving me crazy.

On this date: In 1971, Sonny and Cher debuts.

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