Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mary Poppins Moments

Feelin' good today - like I'm on the brink of good things. No real reason for it, no good news came that I'm witholding. I had a good email conversation with Agent E which might be part of it. She always knows the right time to give me a well-aimed kick in the pants. In a nice way of course.

I've got a couple of projects out that are with people who will hopefully be a good fit. Now we just wait a little more. I was starting to get a little "waited out", and then realized that while I had no power to change or speed up the submissions process, I did have the power to work on my YA and get that into the pipeline. Nothing like taking control mentally to get you through.

Oh, and I got invited to visit Mermaidland in September. DH's travel schedule seems to be cooperating, so I get a writing-conference weekend away down south. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Jay is speaking along with Laura Rennert, and Mary Hershey among others. It's like my very own National Conference, and it's coming at just the right time. Those Mermaids know their stuff, and I can't wait to hang with them! Ya'll are going to get sick of hearing me talk about it as the date gets closer, so I'll shut up now.

On this date: In 1950, Althea Gibson becomes the first African American on the US Tennis Tour.


Disco Mermaids said...

Can't wait to finally meet ya, CynJay...especially cuz Robin and Eve keep rubbing it in my face that I'm the only Mermaid who hasn't met you.

See ya soon!

- Jay

cynjay said...

Hey Jay! I hope it lives up to the hype ;)

I forget that so many people I "know" online, I don't actually "know" in real life. I'll be the one taking copious notes in your seminar.