Friday, August 31, 2007

Embarassing Your Children in Two Easy Steps

For leisurely trips to the library and quick jaunts to the store I just got this today:

I also got the coolest helmet around (note the name on the front):

I tried on a million helmets and this is the one that fits the best. There is only one problem. It is this size:

Does that mean I think like an 8 year old too? That explains a lot.

On this date: In 1997, Princess Diana was killed in Paris.


Linda D. (sbk) said...


I'm all for child embarrassment at every opportunity. Good job!

It's a joy to be at the stage now where I can send two boys running for cover at the mention of breasts (especially effective in front of company).

Suzette McD said...

I can hardly wait to see the large basket you ordered attached to the front loaded to the brim with books! Please tell me you've also ordered a horn. I think you're awesome.

Natalie said...

And make sure your basket is white, adorned with big plastic flowers. Oh--and what about one of those tall, neon orange safety flags? And a silver sparkly banana seat--can you get ahold of one of those? I'd love to see a photo of you in action. :-)


cynjay said...

I did order a giant basket - it's not white but it is metal. I'm getting a really loud bell and I've been eyeballing those sparkly streamers that you can put on the handgrips.

debi in holland said...

Oh, you would fit right in over here! Of course, you would have to add a child seat to the back, a baby seat to the front, a windshield for the baby seat, a rack to carry the stroller to the side, and pouches to carry your groceries (gee, why do people have to shop everyday here? How much can you fit in a couple of pouches and a basket when you've got at least 2 kids on the bike with you?).

Have fun!