Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Winter Ball at the End of Spring

We just got back from J's baseball game and I'm beginning to thaw. Baseball around here at the end of May is played down by the bay with a brisk wind blowing off the water. All the parents are bundled up like it's an ice skating party (I'm still wearing both jackets, but I've put the fleece blanket away). About halfway through I made T put a sweatshirt over his tank top and shorts because I was freezing. After the game (we won and J got a 3 run homer - go Braves), everyone was starving so we had to go and get burritos because the hot dogs at the game weren't enough. Now it's 9:25 and everyone is jacked up on adrenalin and carbs with no sleep in sight. Good thing DH is in charge of books tonight.

I've been working on my freelance stuff late at night lately, but I've decided that I have to cut down. Whenever I wake up in the night I have phrases from the article I'm writing running through my head and it gets distracting. Does that happen to anyone else or once again, is it just me?

On this date: In 1917, John F. Kennedy was born.

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Linda D. said...

I can't write just before going to bed or the same thing happens to me. Even if I write until 2:00, I have to go watch tv for an hour to clear my head. I try to just not write at night anymore.