Thursday, May 3, 2007

I Wreck The Songs...

My kids are now obsessed with Grease. Ever since we went to see the play at the High School, they've been watching the musical numbers on YouTube and driving me crazy singing the songs. So, of course I caved and got the DVD from Netflix and we watched it tonight. There's something weird about seeing a pivotal movie from your childhood with your own children. I figured out that I wasn't all that much older than J when the movie came out - I won a copy of the album in a dance contest at Denise Clevenger's slumber party.

The kids were amazed when I told them that we didn't have DVDs back then and had to go to the theater to see the movie. Then they asked if that was back when movies cost 25 cents. T asked me nicely not to sing along to the movie. "It's not that you sing bad, it's just that you wreck the songs." Whatever.

On this date: In 1991, the last episode of Dallas aired.

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Linda D. said...

I love Grease! and for the record, moms always ruin the songs. Don't take it personally. :)

I always feel I've accomplished something when I force my kids to watch something 'ancient' and they end up loving it. This year it was The Sound of Music for my daughter. I could never seem to get my boys to sit through it, but Kelly! Wow, she bacame obsessed and wanted to watch it every day.

Now I'm so sick of it.