Friday, May 25, 2007

Too Many Screens

Quiet day today. Must be the pre-BEA and Memorial Day. That doesn't mean I necessarily got more done, just that more disappointment awaited me every time I logged onto my email.

Having a bit of a parenting dilemma. Oldest son is turning 10 soon and has been bugging for a Wii or Playstation or something. We've managed to make it this far without any videogames that hook up to the TV and I'm not sure I'm ready to cave. They both have handheld games, so we're not total luddites, and they can still manage to spend ungodly amounts of money on teeny tiny cartriges. The tide turned a little when he started asking for an Ipod this morning. I might be able to see my way clear to one of those (even though I don't even have one) instead. He was asking for a laptop, but that's not going to happen for a few years yet. At least he has lofty ambitions.

On this date: In 1977 Star Wars opened.


Linda D. said...

Oh you should definitely let him get an ipod. But only if he's responsible enough to take care of it. You'd hate to see him lose it.

Here's what we do ... once they have their ipods, we give them an itunes allowance. You can set it up so that a certain amount ($20? or $10?) is automatically deposited into their accounts each month.

Our kids have had their ipods for a couple of years now, and this year for Christmas they each got clock radios/ipod docks so they can go to sleep and wake up to their ipod music. They were a huge hit because they don't have to listen to their ipods just in their ears anymore.

We also have the rule that the ipods don't go to school (unless you're in junior high and have a lockable locker to keep it safe while you're in class).

Just a few ideas.

Oh, and make sure they never get left in the car. I guarantee the car will be broken into to get the ipod.

cynjay said...

That's a great idea. I just have issues with getting him something so expensive - especially when I don't even have one - but he's making a good argument. My friend just told me that her daughter (9) left her ipod out in the rain. I'll kill him if he does that.

Linda D. said...

What if he pays for half?

Our kids both saved their money and paid for half of their ipods. One was even a birthday gift, but he still had to pay for half (he was 9 at the time).