Thursday, May 17, 2007

What If I...

Well, it's gone. Armadillo Season round III is off to Agent E for her opinion. I have to say, my MC took me on quite a trip this time around, but I think it was all for the best. At least I hope it was. Maybe it was? That's the problem with fiction - the options are endless so you're always second-guessing what you did and piling on the "what-ifs". What if we didn't get on the bus? What if I take out this entire storyline? What if instead of armadillos, I substitute meerkats? The what-ifs will just have to wait until Agent E renders her verdict.

What if we don't change anything and go with version #1?

On this date: In 1954, Brown vs the Board of Education was decided.


Disco Mermaids said...

I hear ya! I am now working on version #4 of my middle grade, which has morphed so much sometimes I forget which file to open and just start clacking away...on the wrong one! Arrrgggh.

But meerkats are really cute. Or maybe the Snowy Owl.



Linda D. said...

Being on round 5 of mine, I can totally relate. I keep adding stuff that I just know I'll end up slicing out in round number 6, but I can't stop myself.