Monday, September 8, 2008

LIttle By Little

So now that my new character Eli has begun dragging me into his drama, I've put off actually starting writing in favor of a little research. As you are supposed to write what you know, there are a few issues with this MS:
1. It is set somewhere in the midwest (or at least somewhere that has tornadoes). I've never been in a tornado, and the only place I've been in the midwest was Kansas City, and I didn't leave the hotel where the conference was being held.
2. It involves opera. I know less than nothing about opera. Luckily I know someone who does.

3. One of my secondary characters is a foster kid. I have to learn a little more about the system.
4. There is also some diving, karate, football, piano and baseball. Not really and expert on any of these. Sigh.

It's also a matter of commitment. Once I open a new computer file and start writing, I have to write 1k words per day (anyone remember the last MS?). This means that I have to make sure I'm not unduly distracted for the next month or two. Of course, I started the last book right before Thanksgiving last year (what was I thinking?), so that might just be an excuse.

On this date: In 1966, Star Trek premiered.

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