Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hit or Miss

I was checking out of the grocery store today (not my usual grocery store, mind you) when the twentysomthing clerk referred to me as "miss". As in, "How are you today Miss?" I just looked at him because:
A. I was old enough to be his mother. I actually sat and figured it out. As long as he was under 27 (and I guarantee he was, because he was talking about going to State with the cute girl in the San Jose State sweatshirt right in front of me), I could have theoretically given birth to him.
B. Nobody has called me "miss"for over a decade. Not even those cutsie guys who are trying to get on your good side by carding you for buying wine. Please. My driver's license picture is older than they are.
C. It bugged me. When he said it a second time it really bugged me. I can only guess that this is because it was obviously said ironically. These guys probably sit in the back at the end of the shift and tell each other stories about the old ladies that blush when you call them "miss" like we all think we're being mistaken for one of their peers.

Or maybe he thought he was just being nice.

On this date: In 1620, the Mayflower left England.

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