Friday, August 22, 2008

Se Habla Books

I just discovered a fringe benefit of reading lots of current MG and YA books - instant bonding with middle school teachers. I took J to his middle-school orientation today, and one of the English teachers had tons of books for the kids to take if they wanted. J's eyes grew wide as he tried to decide which one to pick (apparently this called for much more thought than you would think). As he perused, I found out that this particular teacher works for an awesome bookstore here in the extended Bay Area during the summers. Of course, we got talking about local authors, and turns out she's in charge of having some great ones come and talk at the middle school. I got to drop a few names (sorry Jay!) of authors I've met in real life or "met" online and I felt an instant kinship with her. I promised that if the older books sell, I'll drop in for an author visit. I still may come in for career day when the picture book comes out next spring, but the kids will probably not care as much.

We got new foster kittens the other day, and the Big Hairy Dog is just as involved as ever. They both follow him around like he is the Big Giant Momma Cat and think he's the best thing ever. The only problem is that their heads are usually slobbery from his licking of them .

This is a shout-out to my mom who just got her first laptop and is now online! Everybody -we can't talk about you-know-what's here. Shhhhh.

On this date: In 1950, Althea Gibson becomes the first African American woman on the U.S. tennis tour.

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