Monday, August 11, 2008

Get Rid of It

My new mantra is: Sometimes the best revisions are really deletions. Agent E and I were having issues with the revised first chapter of the novel - it was working pretty well, but it lacked the punch of the first version. After going over it again and again, I finally decided to chop the last scene out and lose about two pages of dialogue. Viola! The pace picked up, it got a little darker and a little more intense - just what we were looking for.

I picked up the Tahoe Weekly this morning (we're on a little family vaca) and read my horoscope. And I quote:
"Keep the best and leave the rest. This quaint phrase matches the planetary influences for you now. This implies knowing what is of true value. Clean out the rest to clear the way for more quality"

So if things aren't working for you right now, take a look around. What can you afford to lose?

On this date: In 1921, Alex Hailey is born.

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