Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lepora and the Crickets

We are, once again, caretaking the class leopard gecko until school gets into full swing. Funny thing is, I actually enjoy Lepora. She makes these cool squeaky noises when you pick her up and it's fun to watch her eat.

I know as a kidlit author I'm supposed to be champion of the underdog, but I really have no love for the cricket, Jiminy notwithstanding. I pop a few of the crunchy little guys into Lepora's tank and watch in fascination as she stalks and then grabs one, little legs waving out of the side of her mouth. She always licks her lips afterward, as though our brand of cricket was worthy of a few Michelin stars.

Apparently, crickets are smarter than I was giving them credit for. I'd noticed that we were running out of crickets fairly quickly, but just chalked it up to the kids sneaking her food when I wasn't looking. That is until yesterday, when I found a cricket in our bathroom behind the toilet and one was chirping all night from behind the turtle tank where it is totally inaccessible. J finally spied one squeezing out a tiny hole next to the carry handle in the cricket keeper. I have to say, annoying as they are, I have to admire the ones who escaped. Perhaps they'll find a way out the front door, or find a crack next to an ill-fitting window. There must be a picture book in there somewhere.

On this date: In 1953, Roman Holiday opened.

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Brenda said...

I love how she seems to be smiling...cute pic...