Friday, August 15, 2008

My Pretend Life

Admit it - you've scripted your Oprah interview. Mouthed the responses that you'd give her when you sit down and talk about your book/music/amazing life. Mimicked the facial expressions that would come across as commanding yet sympathetic. I'll not only admit to that, I'll admit to preparing for a life that I don't have (yet).

I've bought shoes thinking that they would go well with the suit I have hanging in my closet should I be called upon to give a panel speech at the SCBWI national conference. Last year, I bought a cute little jacket that would be the right mix of formal and casual - perfect for a book signing. I recently got a new laptop case for all that business traveling that I don't do at the moment.

I still hold out hope that all of these things will come in handy someday. Someday soon, so they will still be in style when I stand up to give that big talk.

On this date: In 1961, the Berlin Wall was finished.


Brenda said...

It is always best to be prepared...and isnt' there a saying about positive things come to positive people...I would say you are on the "write" positive track and I can't wait to see your commanding yet sympathetic look when you are on Oprah's couch...grin..

Catherine J Gardner said...


Though for me it's Richard & Judy not Oprah (I'm in the UK and their book club is the equivalent here).