Friday, June 1, 2007

Global Warming?

What is this? Is it a camera malfunction? A view to the inside of my brain after several hours of writing? No. This is an actual photograph of the sky above my house just a couple of minutes ago - that would be 11:43am. You may notice a distinct lack of sun, blue and general niceness that might be expected in California on the first day of June. We've had nothing but fog, clouds and cold temps for over a week and I'm so over it. We spent Memorial Day up at the pool, covered in towels trying to pretend it was warm. I swear T's lips were a distinct shade of blue for awhile until I told him to go take a hot shower. For the past several days, our heater has kicked on in the morning meaning that the inside temps have dropped below 63.

It is June and I live in California. Everyone knows that San Francisco is a cold, foggy mess all summer (and if you didn't know that, now you do - bring a parka) which is why we bought our house 20 miles away in the SUNNY part of the Bay Area. My closet is full of summer skirts, capris and strappy sandals while I sit here huddled over my laptop for warmth wearing the same pair of jeans for the second day in a row, slippers and my Lands End fleece jacket. I might just get up in a minute and kick the heater on for a bit. If you are somewhere warm, go out and stand in the sunlight for just a minute and appreciate what you've got. Hot cocoa anyone?

On this date: In 1980 CNN was launched.

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Linda D. said...

hehe ... my dh is going to SF in a week for the World Wide Developer's Conference at Apple. I feel a little better being left behind now. :)

Sorry about your lousy weather.