Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Will Paint for Cash

Yay! I made $100 today. Okay, it was painting a friend's house and not through any writing endeavor, but still. Spending the day inhaling paint fumes wasn't so bad...I might take it up again as a way to make some dough if this writing thing doesn't work out.

One nice thing is that I was mostly working alone, so I had lots of time to think. Don't tell Agent E, but I haven't worked on my fiction in weeks. I have been selling a lot of website articles with my freelance gig, and right now, immediate payment is what counts since I don't have a lot of writing time during the summer. Even though I haven't technically been writing anything, I've been thinking a lot. I'm trying to get a better handle on my MC in the YA I'm working on and I think it's starting to come together. There's nothing like a little meditation on your WIP while you're lying on the floor painstakingly painting baseboards.

On this date: In 1945 the U.N. Charter is signed.

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