Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer Vaca!

Well, we're about 7 hours and 58 minutes into summer vacation. So far so good. We've had two friends over, J went over to a different friend's house, we had tacos and went up to the pool after dinner because it was horrifically hot here and nobody has air conditioning. Ignore the whiny post of June 1st - we're all sweating to death now.

It's funny writing shorter kids books - sometime it's more like putting a puzzle together than writing a book. I've had a great idea for some kind of kids book for about a year. I wrote it about six different ways as a picture book and nothing worked. A few weeks ago, I decided that maybe it should be a young mid-grade. Yeah, that's it, a young mid grade. Then, I was reading a writer's newsletter last night and it hit me - not only is it a young MG, it's a mystery! By jove, I've got it. Well, not really, but little by little all of the pieces are falling into place and the whole picture is becoming clearer.

On this date: In 1777, Congress adopts the Stars and Stripes.

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