Tuesday, June 5, 2007

She Likes It - Hey Mikey!

Whew! Agent E sent an email today saying how much she likes the revisions to Armadillo. Yay! Having major neurosis comes with the territory, so of course I was picturing the email that I thought she would send, about how all of the changes didn't work for the character and that we were going to have to scrap it all and start over. But she didn't - in fact the words "love" and "can't believe what a difference" were included in the email. She also said "okey-dokey" at one point, but that's just the kind of fabbo agent she is. I'm just going to make a few teeny tiny adjustments for continuity (a few things I missed the last time around) and then off it goes! I also have to go back and check all of my it's/its now that I've been saved by Strunk and White.

I was at our local library today, up on the second floor balcony and there was this really, really long spiderweb that went from a beam way at the top of the ceiling and shot down to a post below. This one strand was maybe 25 feet long and all I could think of was what a brave spider to take a leap like that. I could almost hear him talking to himself as he stood on that beam, willing himself to just go for it - he'd make it if he only took that first step. I even wondered if he counted to three before he made the leap. The best part is that it is so high, that there is no way the library people are going to be able to clean it off. Is that just the weirdness in me talking, or do you think other people would think the same thing? Yeah, that's what I thought.

On this date: In 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was shot.

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Natalie said...

I'm so glad Agent E. loved it--yay you! You and that spider have something in common (not spinnerettes...). Fingers crossed!