Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Good Life

Still on a total high from my trip to Mermaidland yesterday. Is it wrong that I find them so fabulous? It's almost like going out on a really good first date - you replay all the high points in your head for days afterward. If you're not a regular reader of the Discomermaids blog (and why that would be, I don't know), check out what Robin had to say about our little get together. I've never actually met Jay, but they seem to think he's okay, which is okay by me.

It's funny, because I've only met Robin once, and that was for about a minute an a half, and before yesterday, I'd never met Eve, but through the wonders of the internet, it felt like we were old friends. Totally symbiotic, and I wish I could do it more often.

On another topic, if your kid is looking for somewhere amazing to go to school, you must look at UC Santa Barbara. I may be just a teensy, weensy bit biased because I went to college here (just a couple of years ago), but really. This is the view from the dorms:

This is the view from the dorms looking the other way:

This is me and little sister on the beach:

Now, all is not bright and sunny at Santa Barbara all the time. There are hazards:

But as long as you steer clear of the tsunamis, you should be alright.

On this date: In 1954, Louise Erdrich is born (I loved the Beet Queen).

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debi in holland said...

Wow! Dorms with a view -- I'd never even thought of that as a possibility (but then, I went to a university in inner-city Detroit -- not a pretty sight any way you look at it).