Sunday, May 3, 2009

What I Learned from my Copyeditor

1. I leave a lot of things dangling. Modifiers, participles, etc.
2. There are a LOT of commas in a 200 page manuscript.
3. Sixteen year old girls don't usually speak grammatically correct English.
4. You can STET (meaning, leave it alone) incorrect English if it affects the character's voice.
5. Green pencils have to be sharpened every time you write something.
6. When you write "Blah, blah, blah," she said, "you blah blah blah.", the word after said is NOT capitalized. Who knew? (Apparently all copyeditors).
7. Spell check really works.
8. I enjoy copyediting.
9. It's scary to know this will all be set in type for all time soon.
10. UPS charges $49.50 to ship a package to NY 2-day. Luckily, I had three days.

On a completely different note - please help the literary community raise money for a talented, upbeat, aspiring young writer named Bridgit Zinn. In one month she got a great agent, a new husband and diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. There is an auction that has some great writerly items to raise money, you can donate through Jone MacColloch at or simply drop by her blog. Even postive thoughts can help!

On this date: In 1991, the last episode of Dallas aired.

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