Tuesday, April 28, 2009

God Bless Copyeditors

Got a new goldenrod envelope today - my copyedits for Dirty Little Secrets. It's full of mysterious squiggles and lines and foreign-looking words written in red pencil. As I'm apparently not so good with the commas and such, there is a lot of red on the page when you blur your eyes. Luckily I found a handbook for proofreading marks on the web and I'm carrying them around like my new bible.

They're due in just a few days so I'm going to hunker down with my contrasting green pencil and add my own mysterious squiggles.

On this date: In 1990, A Chorus Line closed.


Shelli said...

you better get cranking!

Candace said...

So this is completely off topic but I remember you said that Love Story was the theme song for one of your characters. I stumbled across this amazing piano arrangement last night via a friend, and I thought I'd share it with you because its beautiful and gorgeous and inspirational.

Love Story x Viva La Vida

cynjay said...

My kids and I watched the video and at the end, we all said "That was awesome!" all at once.

Thanks for the link - it was AWESOME!